Why Choose Us


Our experience covers hot-tapping and linestopping on upstream and downstream oil and gas pipelines as well as water and petrochemical pipelines.  In addition to pipelines, we perform work on many different industrial facilities, such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, chemical reactors, etc.

We also manufacture the fittings, equipment and accessories related to and required for the Hot-tap and Linestop Operations.

Thanks to our international structure, we currently operate in many countries ranging from Mexico to Spain, Nigeria to UAE etc.

 Whom We Serve

We serve Water, Oil and Natural Gas transmission and distribution pipeline operators as well as Refinery and Petrochemical Plant operators. 


We have the capability to perform turn-key Hot-tap and Linestop Services (including Welding, Cold-Cutting etc) up to and including 48'' Class 600 Pipelines as well as on Tanks. We also perform composite repair services.

Who We Are

Our promise is to build value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality products.